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Product certifications, Marchegay's certification

Quality Commitment

Product Certifications: In order to ensure the resistance and durability of Marchegay structures, a 300 m² laboratory is dedicated to the implementation of test methods targeting shock resistance, mechanics, sealing and reliability.


Test are performed in compliance with current standards and results are confirmed by official laboratories like CETIM.

Marchegay Technologies products are validated by Pass Innovation, Avis Techniques or ATEX, and certifications are granted by the CSTB.

Building certifications, Marchegay's certification

Building Certifications: To ensure an optimal integration of Marchegay products with RT2012, RT2020, BEPOS buildings or HQE, BREEAM, LEED certified constructions; Marchegay Technologies focuses on the measure and global analysis of all parameters in energy consumption and comfort.


Marchegay buildings capitalize on natural light and ventilation to place their products at the forefront of the next generation of buildings that offer a pleasant environment while ensuring a sustainable construction. Several activities prove Marchegay's dedication to customer satisfaction. Their personnel:

- Perform studies in collaboration with agencies specialized in environmentally friendly buildings.

- Participate in professional associations that bring together the major players of the industry : Novabuild, GRA, BEPOS, SER.

Building greenhouse Marchegay, training certification

Training Certifications : Similar to tests performed in product testing, a 10 000 m² training and implementation center allows:

- Systematic and regular training sessions for Marchegay's certified builders;

- Corroboration of implementation methods developed for special construction.


Marchegay Technologies is Qualibat and QualiPV certified.