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Ancienne serre horticole Marchegay
Old greenhouse Marchegay
Old factory greenhouse Marchegay
First logo Marchegay
Ancienne usine de serres Marchegay
Ancien logo Marchegay


1948 : The company was founded in Luçon, Vendée, by Roland Marchegay, specialized in the construction of frames and metal structures. 


1959 : Construction of the first greenhouse for a tulip bulb production site. This type of greenhouse becomes a standard in all France's territories: Vendée, Nantes, Bordeaux, Pau, Perpignan... Greenhouses progressively become Marchegay's core business.

First public establishment greenhouse

1982 : Development of the "Garden Centres" concept and production greenhouses becomes PEs (Public Establishments). Marchegay is extremely successful in this sector which becomes their main activity. The company offers several types of covered garden centers, including centers equipped with airlock access; that provide hot or cold environments; and that are adapted to animal housing, gardening and flower markets.


Marchegay's references on the five continents

2001 : Marchegay is purchased by Richel, a French business specialized in greenhouses.


2003 : Marchegay breaks through on the Chinese market: Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, their presence rapidly expands over five continents: United-States, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Qatar, Tasmania.

Photovoltaic openings of the Exhibition Park in Bordeaux

2007 : Using their expertise, Marchegay designs, builds and deploys roof integrated photovoltaic panel systems. They mobilize their capabilities as well as the methods required to assert themselves as a major contender in the sector of solar energy and prepare to confront the challenges of the energy industry.

Glass roofs - Marchegay

2011 : Marchegay SAS buy back their independence from Richel and becomes SAS Marchegay Technologies with a new graphic identity. The company focuses on 3 specialties: garden centers, glass greenhouses and photovoltaic systems. 


2012 : Marchegay adds a fourth activity to their business in order to promote the building of quality greenhouses, facades and sustainable buildings.