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Bâtiment à énergie positive avec panneaux photovoltaïques - Marchegay

Energy efficient glass structures

Marchegay's designed glass structures can have a sizeable effect on the buildings' energy bill, through :

- Savings in heat by using solar energy

- Savings in energy for cooling systems by using natural ventilation

- Light from the sun at its zenith can lead to a 50% reduction in energy consumption for lighting.

- Savings on maintenance (such as mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and artificial lighting).

- Renewable energy from solar panels.


A photovoltaic roof in an option for all or part of a glass space. Apart producing electricity, this type of structure is also gaining in popularity for its architectural qualities and the comfortable environment it provides. The photovoltaic cells provide more or less shade while letting in soft natural light.

Bâtiment à énergie positive avec panneaux photovoltaïques - Marchegay

Photovoltaïc glass roof on a school, Nantes (France) :


HEQ (High Environnental Quality), LCB (Low Consumption Building) certified. Photovoltaic panels on 2460 sqm, among which 260 sqm are double glass.

Production capacity : 30 kWp.

Module photovoltaïque groupe Bénéteau - Marchegay

BENETEAU Headquarters in GIVRAND (France) :


Continuous 64-meter canopy roof in double glass solar panels Issol.

Power : 36 kWp

Verrières mixtes Energis - Marchegay

Appartment building " Energis " in RENNES (France):


2 mixed glass roofs for this 39 unit building.

Poxer : 2 X 100 KWp