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Garden center design - Marchegay
Plan garden center design - Marchegay
Dessin d'architecture d'une jardinerie

Garden centers builders

With over 1000 greenhouses and cash & carry shops constructed in France and throughout the world, Marchegay Technologies has gained unparalleled experience in the industry. 

Marchegay Technologies puts their 30 years of experience to good use by providing original and performance enhancing designs. 

The construction of garden centers is especially challenging since they must be built in compliance with the specific regulations that govern Public Access Buildings (ERPs) while optimizing sales logistics and ensuring plant conservation. 
Marchegay’s approach takes into consideration environmental issues through the implementation of solid solutions:

  • - Compliance with thermal regulations;
  • - Natural ventilation; 
  • - Rain water recovery; and
  • - The integration of photovoltaic panels.

Their expertise equally takes into account the interior layout and zoning of the various environments within the garden center: hot and cool greenhouses, gardening tools, home and garden decor, plant nurseries, pet shops, etc.


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Architecture and Design

A greenhouse design must take into account plant requirements while controlling two important parameters: light and temperature. Climate control is achieved through the use of shade screens or articulated openings integrated into the roof ridges. They are controlled through a computer management unit that adjusts the degree of the window opening according to various parameters such as the interior temperature of the greenhouse, the ambient light as well as wind speed and direction…
Insulation of warmer zones decreases operational costs and generates energy conservation. Thermal loss is simulated using computation software. 


Assembly and Work

Marchegay has their own assembly teams, made up of 50 builders and site supervisors who are sent to your project site to assist you throughout the length of your project.