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Hot greenhouse gardening Marchegay

A garden center to gather various activities

Hot Air Greenhouses
The hot air greenhouse is the heated section of the garden center. It offers optimal lighting for the exhibition of house plants that require a warm environment.
Several astutely arranged sections are available for: cacti, orchids, bonsais, succulents, flowering or leafy pot plants, exotic species like carnivorous or aquatic plants… Extremely well organized for all holidays and special events (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, etc…), the plant section is the one that generates regular sales, even during the off season. Sales are increased through the integration in the space of a floral arrangement shop and decor boutique: flowers are always welcomes no matter what the occasion!

Decor garden center Marchegay

In this inspirational and fashion forward space, collections and colors from several universes come together through various departments:

  • - Theme based interior decoration;
  • - Artificial flowers;
  • - Decorative furniture;
  • - Lighting;
  • - Creative crafts;
  • - Books;
  • - Home grown products;
  • - Kitchen ustensiles;
  • - Games for children.

This universe is adapted to meet your most sought after preferences to make it a friendly and innovative space.

Seasonal space greenhouse gardening Marchegay

Seasonal Space
Marchegay’s garden centers are custom drafted allowing you to design your space according to the seasons: on the patio (a permanently designated space) or in your store (adaptable departments). Special departments that play a major role in the presentation of your merchandise are set-up for winter and summer:

  • - Christmas decoration, lights, nativity accessories etc;
  • - Fireplace accessories;
  • - Garden and outdoor furniture;
  • - Barbecues, patio decorations;
  • - Beach, hiking and sport items, etc.

Large spaces give your personnel free rein for creativity allowing them to play with the intensity of lighting which helps present furniture tastefully, make appealing collections and create pleasing effects. 

Store garden center Marchegay

In the store you can find:

  • - Garden products: fertilizers and phytosanitary products; 
  • - Large tools and garden machinery;
  • - Small tools, watering equipment;
  • - Seeds, grains and grass;
  • - Planting accessories; and
  • - Clothing: fabrics and footwear.


A mostly opaque and insulated roof is used for all heated spaces with some carefully placed clear sections, usually where opening windows are located, to allow the infiltration of natural light, providing a comfortable setting and a decrease in operational costs. The use of diffused and controlled lighting (luminaires) decreases the impact on packaging material deterioration. Each ray of sunshine will enhance colors and highlight presentations. A warm and profitable effect is guaranteed even during winter. 

Cold greenhouse gardening Marchegay

Cool Air Greenhouses
Exterior plants are placed in a cool air greenhouse providing larger amounts of natural daylight. A cool air greenhouse can be divided into several sections for:

  • - Flowering plants: annuals or biennials; 
  • - Perennials, chrysanthemums, graminaceae;   
  • - Flower bulbs;
  • - Garden plants;
  • - Vegetable bulbs; 
  • - Christmas trees;
  • - Some pottery items;
  • - Decor accessories. 


The ground is usually paved to provide an enhanced and simplified drainage management of excess water. It is important to maintain a dry, airy and light filled environment. Providing shelter from extreme summer heat, the cool air greenhouse also provides shelter from winter frost. This ensures that your markdown is completely controlled.
Marchegay adapts the design of each garden center project to deliver a layout that accommodates your requirements. Usually, the cool air greenhouse is the point of access to the garden nursery.

Pets shop greenhouse gardening Marchegay

Pet Shops
The pet shop must be adapted to the needs of animals. The roof and sides of the aquarium zone must be very opaque. Additional consideration is given to the complete elimination of air currents, specifically in the bird and rodent section. A suspended ceiling is generally used to maintain a better control over the sales environment.
Other sections are sustained throughout the year, like the dog / cat section, seasonal products, water garden, birds of nature accessories, etc…

Pergolas or covered walkways greenhouse gardening Marchegay

Exterior: Pergolas or Covered Walkways
Marchegay pergolas are designed using a wood / steel frame covered with or without clear plates. Pergolas are used to shelter exterior plants, topsoil or decorations. An open zone can accommodate water gardens, fountains, pottery and even trees…
A natural extension of the building, the pergola increases the appeal of the nursery by using shade to protect customers from the sun or rain in the sale zones. In some sunlight sensitive areas of the nursery the pergola provides shelter for ornamental plants.

Floral arrangement shop garden center Marchegay

Floral Arrangement Shop 
Using a confined and climate controlled zone, the sale of floral arrangements and bouquets is a major addition to the center and is the perfect example of Marchegay’s professionalism: with everyday design work and a well thought out presentation at the forefront of the store the boutique is located close to the hot greenhouse or the checkouts creating an additional point of interest for customers.

Point of entry and checkout garden center Marchegay

Point of Entry and Checkout
These zones are used to welcome customers as well as for exiting the center and they are the main attraction used to greet clients into your point of sales. Made up of a comfortable, friendly and spacious area it provides everything to ensure customer loyalty and their rapid return…

Example of a typical garden center Marchegay

Example of a typical garden center:

Surface area: 3.177 m²

Hot air greenhouse: 390 m²
Cool air greenhouse: 460 m²
Atrium: 677 m²
Pet Shop: 400 m²
Decor: 400 m²
Other: 590 m²