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Photovoltaic integrated systems Marchegay

Builder of photovoltaic solutions for renewable energies integration

Marchegay designs, builds and installs roof integrated photovoltaic panels for the residential, agricultural, tertiary and industrial industries. A major contender in the solar energy sector, they have combined their expertise and the methods required to enable them to face and overcome any challenge of the energy sector.

Marchegay has developed several solutions to combine photovoltaic panels with roofs:



Buildings can be transformed into energy production structures which consequently leads to responsible and eco-friendly economic solutions by consumers.

Research and development Marchegay's design department

Research and Development
Marchegay’s Design Department can study and validate your project by verifying product compliance according to the constraints of the project.

Technical support team photovoltaic solutions Marchegay

Technical support / Assembly
A technical support team, entirely focused on photovoltaic systems, is at your disposal to answer all the questions you have before the start of your project, during its implementation and after its completion. The team has all the required expertise to provide you with the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.



Tests and Certifications
Marchegay’s systems are CSTB (Pass Innovation, ATEC or ATEX) or New Technologies Investigations (ETN) Certified and satisfy all integration criteria of the CEIAB. 

Training area for system installation certification Marchegay

Training: Marchegay Techologies system installation certification
Marchegay Technologies provides a training area to their assembly team. Technical and hands-on training offers explanations regarding the principles behind each system; demonstrates the assembly of the various components; and additionally offers advice to optimize the assembly process while taking into account the construction site.