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Serre horticole du zoo de Vincennes
Glass roofs of botanical greenhouses - Marchegay
Horticultural exhibition center - Marchegay
Zoologic greenhouse zoo of Vincennes aerial view
Botanical greenhouse Chongqing China
Botanical conservatories - Marchegay
Botanical greenhouse - Marchegay
Botanical greenhouse pyramid - Marchegay
Didactic greenhouse Rocancourt
Serre zooligique de Vincennes
Serres zoologiques de Vincennes, vue aérienne
Serre botanique Chongqing en Chine
Centre d'exposition horticole en serre pyramide
Serre horticole centre d'exposition
Serre botanique en pyramide
Serre en structure d'acier à Rocancourt

Botanical Greenhouses' specificity


Botanical greenhouses are a privileged space where mankind can interact with nature. A true pioneer of this innovative concept, Marchegay Technologies has created unique and majestic botanical greenhouses throughout the world.  A variety of plant species can be admired within different spaces, such as:

  • - Botanical greenhouses,
  • - Horticultural exhibition centers,
  • - Thematic and amusement parks,
  • - Markets, and   
  • - Recreation and research centers.

Botanical greenhouses or botanical conservatories are generally intended for the conservation and exhibition of rare plant species originating from various climates (tropical, continental, desert-like, etc...)
Generally, these buildings are open to the public for touristic or educational purposes.
These greenhouses must, therefore, combine:

  • - A prestigious architecture,
  • - Extra large spaces, with
  • - A perfectly managed climatic environment.

The guidelines for the climatic management of botanical greenhouses are based on the proven techniques used in horticultural greenhouses which precisely and cost efficiently allows maximum control over all climatic parameters (temperature, humidity, light intensity …).