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Greenhouse manufacturer

For more than 60 years now, Marchegay Technologies has been a greenhouse designer and manufacturer: these steel, aluminium and glass structures protect plants and welcome visitors.


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Our expertise as a greenhouse designer enables us to embrace all aspects of a project, from its architectural design to its implementation. Our teams ensure design, production and installation, guaranteeing a flawless quality and the success of your project.

Specialists of customized solutions, we provide you a team that listens to the needs of every project:

- Botanical greenhouses : these botanical gardens not only provide innovative architectures but also ensure flora and fauna welfare and visitors comfort.

- Horticultural greenhouses or solar drying greenhouses : integrating technical and economical solutions.

- Research Greenhouses : reaching watertightness levels and meeting other targeted instructions and standards.

- Photovoltaic greenhouses : providing global and optimized solutions: customized advice – certified mounting systems - installation- maintenance.


A greenhouse is an architectural and bioclimatic building, not only functional but also elegant, dedicated to plants and potential visitors while respecting the planet: steel, aluminium and glass are easily and infinitely recyclable, and our equipments are environment-friendly.